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  1. juraija

    Searchbar bug?

    yes, the same to me, i think the site is starting to be abandoned (?)
  2. juraija

    Current game?

    "Dead Maze", "Closers", sometimes "Paladins" and "Spec Ops: The Line", and maybe an occasional race in "Heavy Metal Machines"
  3. juraija

    Known World

    something like Tree of Savior, i will not complain about a map like that
  4. It's thought not thinked my dude.

    1. juraija


      yeah, my english is a crap, but actually i don't really care, someday there will be nanomachines and the language barrier will break (?)

      and google translator seems to be useless, because it translate "thinked" like a correct sentence...

    2. Cyrus
  5. juraija

    Might be no blog

    i have to say i thinked many times this proyect was a money grabber in the beginning, everyone was hurt for the lost of FO and willing to go back to the "good old days" that left us all with the fall... in some point with the tests and the activity of the community i thinked this was going to be a reality, something we were going to be playing and enjoying in a really near future, but i have to say that in perspective it looks like the proyect has been stuck for too much time... yes, i know, is only 1 person doing the software, there was many peoplo willing to help but only 1 was doing the job, but with games like Dead Maze that are woking like hell in comparation of speed with the development of this, i have to agree with @Archangel that this game with a BaseGameBeta will be forgotten in no time, how much time there will be to wait to have a new feature? and i guess the game will be only abailable on english in the start, for how long? i remember that there is not even a complete female character sprite for the game, since the production of @Lighterthief cease to appear in the devblogs it is kinda like he stop doing anything related to this because the development started to slow down until the point he was having plenty of time to catch up again if he wanted, even after many devblogs of not worrying about this or even overpass the job requested i am sure i will still be around waiting, but not so willing for the launch like i was at some point of the progression, maybe in the future the idea and history will be complete, i only hope to have time to see it
  6. juraija


    that makes me fell like i am mixing gunpowder or plants in Resident Evil, a nice nostalgic feeling
  7. juraija

    Artifacts/Extra Equips

    i remember the implants of Fantasy Online or the Spheres that give skills on Final Fantasy VII, maybe there could be DNA slots like the Animorphs that boost a status or a bar of nano-pixel-machines that when is full it gives extra points to spend, maybe even solid souls made by fragments of energy left by the monsters, something like a philosopher's stone
  8. Desert Marauder: if you want to survive in this land, you better follow my lead.


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    2. kidokica


      AK-47 love? 

    3. juraija


      "you've brought more survivors, that's great, we will need everyone we can save if we want to stop that thing."


    4. juraija


      Kronopia: some monsters are resistant to the gunfire, so all of you must learn some close quarter combat to defeat them.


  9. @Aridosa in the old and the new one i got the same problem :/
  10. what happen with the "/WoT_Data/globalgamemanagers" that says it is corrupted? i can't download the client because of that, i erased the old one and download this one but still it does not download... i try deleting that file but if you delete it does not launch so i erase it and uncompress a new one lol the image is a little too large so i leave the link https://i.imgur.com/wdAsqDx.png
  11. hi

    well, someone closed the topic so i am not able to post there, but here it is


    happy xmas :D

    1. Archangel


      These look great. Well done. :) 

    2. Terrazer


      ahah agent smithy, got a bit beefed up, neo would have trouble

    3. ApathyBear




  12. i was on the forum "Fantasy Online Legacy" after the close up, i think a couple months later Iamallama appear with the idea of Llama Quest and everyone start to move to that website, i think it was a blog at first but much later it ended becoming this website, it has been a long time since we are around here, i have to admit that somedays i fell like this is a big joke, that the game will never come out and is just a trick to take our money, but slowly it is becoming a game so i have oposite feelings about all the development anyway, that was a good question and i am interesting too in see how people ends finding this website
  13. juraija

    Kainui's 3D Art

    my god, i has been wanting to create the helm of my character somehow, is like the helm of Megaman but with horns and closed on the jaw, is hard to learn to use it? or even a juraija can use it? (juraija is the lowest level on learning skill)
  14. juraija

    Kainui's 3D Art

    that shield has a lot of battles, incredible work, interesting website by the way, i will follow this because i forgot to keep a track on the topics if is only by memory lol
  15. juraija

    Quest Rewards!

    @FrickinDave the name is Tree of Savior, idk if you can play it in browser, is to download on Steam, sorry for the long wait on the response i was with no internet on september.