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  1. the most streng you use to hit the water the more it will make resistance to the strike, i think the water can be a good tanker... still dont know what i will be but water element for sure (because i want to play with people's blood lol [evil mode: on])
  2. maybe only the ones that are from a special place given from a king or a high rank NPC, like the cape that gives you immunity against the guards (dont remember when is given to you) if you do bad stuff on assassins creed 2 they will be different from the achievement titles those will be a item like the rings but a medal like the ones that the soldiers have to show they did great stuff, they could give discounts (like the special discount cards from dino crisis 2 that if you buy them the prices go down), the speed up can be given from the air tribe, the mining from the earth tribe and magic dont know actually lol they should work on the domain of the place the high rank NPC rules so you will have to change it depending where you are to get the upgrades, i like this idea and i vote it up
  3. i like the idea of create healing pots using items you found, i have a anecdote about a rol party of a long time ago, i used a hunter (that has the ability to create tramps, hunt and collect herbs) that the most important job was for search food or track down enemies, but i used to help almost all the time a friend that has the skill to create potions (it was a mage/scholar character, slow cast but really powerfull) to collect specific herbs to make medicines and strange magic stuff, it help us out many times and i remember that there was a random punishment if you drink a potion that he was not able to prepare correctly (usually we droped those but in a emergency there was no time to make another and it used to vary between healing less or get poisoned)
  4. eehh i dont got totally the idea, it will be like some kind of massive PvP? or it will be a war on a map? i mean, you have X% of power attack/defence on your area and the land close to yours have X% atk/def, that is less than yours, so you can attack it and the count will be "you=100, enemy=50, result: you=50, enemy=0, character "you" win"... every land on this map will be a character of the guild (your or enemy), it will be a big place of course and in the corner or in the cardinal points will appear the clan members, there will be able a option to make aliances with other clans and attack another clan if it is too big and they will be able to join only before the war start or after a number of movements like a reinforcement (i still dont know how the movements will be, maybe 1 character of each guild at the time, idk if someone has play the old "worms world armageddon" someting like that), every map will be created for the war that is going on actually like a random place (being only 1 war at the time for a clan)... the points of atk/def will be buy with clan points that you get giving coins to your clan, this will be more like a tactical rpg is someone know that type of game, if the guild master is defeated the clan loses, so you better be prepare before a war idk how will be the movement but i put this has example: i hope i explain all correctly, is will not be a place it will be a map but i think you guys got it, you need to go to the clan hall to enter on the war if it already start and you was not online, you will appear on the base where the guild master is, like some kind of castle or fort
  5. check that devblog and compare that map with this one and you will get the answer i am really anxious with this lol
  6. interesting is the entire world map you are starting to show, and happy new year i love this map already, imagination fly
  7. idk why it makes me remember Valkirie's Profile if the character is flying like in a Dragon Ball game o.O well i love the idea of world maps on games, even more if are many maps that makes a huge world map (you know, a world map where you select a area and that area makes a zoom [or send you to the image with the map of that area] and you can select where you want to go) well we have a idea of how big is the world and a map of a part of it so i am happy right now lol Happy Christmas! that i did not say anything early
  8. you can get coins intead for keep being devotee to the game and Hail Iamallama (ok, this comment has gone too strange even for me lol)
  9. i was just thinking that the guild can get the coins only by donations of the members, but your idea is great, there could be dungeons and quests made to get guild coins or special places where the monsters drop those coins, that will make the team work be more active between the members of the same guild (and add more gameplay time)... guild events can be made with this, time will say if all those things will become reality
  10. probably yes lol i was thinking on my idea of the guild coins, they will not be for the members they will be for the guild master to buy upgrades for the tabern/village (that will make it more hard for the clans to level up fast and get OP in a early phase of the game) something like 1 Guild Coin = 1000 Normal Coins, and to buy a upgrade will need 1000 Guild Coins.... but i was thinking that just puting high coins requirements will be enough and this idea go to the trash can lol edit: anyway i am sure there will be guild points that gives titles for the character that was because i wanted to make a difference with the idea of Faction Coins where you can get special outfits, weapons or materials from the faction you chose (and again the same 1 Faction Coin = 1000 Normal Coins, but there could be a high price difference with the factions you are not friend to get some of their faction coins and be able to buy only materials or basic stuff)
  11. dont worry but i still like this post because there could be special places for the guilds with a certain amount of members with the same element: underwater, volcano, underground and floating isle, for the ones that are not from that element they could buy potions that allows them to go there (if there someday will be guild coins those potions can be buy with those) dont make erase the post and wait until a mod or iamallama read this, because i think this could be a good suggestion (maybe will be move to the suggestion sub-forum)
  12. we have guilds, no clans there was the idea of a tavern for the guilds, but i dont remember seeing someone talking about a area for the guild with the huge map we got from the last devblog there could be places that a guild can buy to make small private/hidden villages i am totally up to this idea
  13. is hard to make a change in the level of the character modifying the xp needed for each level when a new chapter/expansion of the game is released? i mean the XP needed on the first beta to reach level 30 will be of 120.000xp but when the new patch is launch it will change to 250.000xp to reach the level 30 the problem of this is that the level needed for the weapons will have to change too and the status will have to be made thinking they have to be adapted for the incoming stuff
  14. with so many elements and kingdoms there will be different types of money? the global coins, the faction coins, the guild coins and the real money pixels, being the global coins the main currency (the one you get by kill monsters, sell to merchants, quests, etc) so you can exchange those coins for guild or faction coins
  15. eehh, i already fail in the first part of the comment lol i dont have patience and i become really toxic with some games or some type of people (i can be really toxic) but i dont care to wait because i play "retro" games in the meanwhile, plus the more i wait the better the game will be (dont take for example the last generation of games, please XD) ...and i dont respect the mankind in general :/ my point is: if you dont like to be around, dont be around and go do something else. there is a lot to do out of the MMOs