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  1. maybe a tab with bars or a persentage (%) that show the progression of the different things that has been done, the things that are being done and the things to be done
  2. it is a little different from the one that Squall or Seifer use but is a gunblade after all lol i will like to have one of those
  3. maybe only the gunblade can pass, because i remember having a gunblade on Parasite eve 2 from Capcom, is a weapon, why should it has copyright? so all the gunblades of the entire universe belong to Square Enix? i dont think so, and the guns of DarkWatch has blades to melee attack, i think that can be use here... just saying
  4. Hell in Progress


    i really hate mankind today

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    2. Seph


      I also think of Pickman's Gallery from Fallout 4. This guy made some interesting paintings that were quite disturbing and fascinating to me, all the while he was going on a killing spree to eliminate some bad people. He used some of their "remains" to give the art more meaning. I believe he used their blood as paint. In the end his house was similar to that of a crypt.024bfdf4257ef89dbdc63ba37636ac6d.jpg

    3. juraija


      i doubt that the most fearsome looked monster even have to fight, they just stand up and scare the enemy evoiding the conflict, i am still thinking on the personality of this "beast", the name gives some info, clownish-mistsoul, it likes to laugh of the suffering of mankind but why? all the demons were humans in some point of time, so maybe it find funny that a living being so complex and with a lot of potential gets stopped for something like the pain (physical and emotional), it is not on this side of reality so it makes a projection (a soul) of himself to speak with the humans... every time you retrive it a piece of the body, it can project a better and more powerfull image of himself... it is invasive like a parasite and that allows it to give some power to the host (through the helm, the clothes are like the suit of the futurist spiderman if someone has see the cartoon) that means that even if it has all the pieces of the body that remains in this side of the reality it cant come back, because it always has been a parasite, that is the why it recluit humans (but some of them cant hold the energy of this entity and become "corrupted", they still are conscious but heard the other beast of the existential plane where this creature is now.... yes, there is more that just one, and are all different... that is why they look dark/evil because they are being comsume by anger and blood thrist little by little) it will need a very strong specimen to hold all the power it has inside his/her flesh, it will mutate into a huge creature and that will need a lot of energy

    4. Seph


      Damn dude I would love to have a drink with you haha. 

  5. the Deep Maul looks like the water swirl of "Legacy of Cain: Soul Reaver" the place where the main character is dropped to die, and the fact that is a place with strange monsters and rumors maybe something great will come out of there
  6. i guess it will be the same, i will not like to almost kill a ferocious beast and that somebody comes to stealth the kill and the loot........ that could be the beginning of a war lol
  7. idk if a achievement but maybe a hunt reward, i hate competitive since Paladins is giving me matches with crazy people and this will make a lot of hate and some will quit if all goes too insane (mankind usually makes angry grow a lot until it becomes normal for the people) so maybe there could be a amount of creatures to hunt for a reward in a quest from a hunter clan (like 1000 special high level bosses to kill for 1M coins, that maybe will make people join in team to make it easy and the quest will split the reward showing the result of the split before going to kill the monster, like in GTA V where you see how the reward will be split after the mission end on the online mode)... that of getting a achievement for killing something that does not exist anymore for the other player and that they cant get will make a envy upon others and that is always a bad think (the jealous too)
  8. you mean like a hunter rank? the more you hunt and the more special the monster you kill is you will get more rank points, in Rogue Galaxy there a hunter sidequest with contracts to kill special monsters for a reward (hard to find more to kill but fell great when you win) instead of warrior will be Hunter example: novice hunter, rookie hunter, hunter, professional hunter, elite hunter, elder hunter, grand hunter, grand master hunter, prestige hunter, hunterchief, Big Hunter Boss
  9. great idea, there is always people in search of help or a specific item that dont find, so there is where your guild will be to take the players out of trouble (for money of course, like Gilgamesh) you will have to farm like crazy to get the best jobs, this is really tempting i will be a Lazer Dragon in the hearth but the coins are a good incentive i was going to ask to be a templar but maybe i will have to wait until the game release and see what guild will be good for me
  10. next time try to put them on horizontal by leaving a space and placing the next image there, is more easy to see them all and it does not occupy that much of space
  11. for a sec i thinked this was something related to this lol ok,no i like the spear/halberd but dont know if there will be on the release beta so i will pick up the mace and a shield (the shoul of a Paladin lol)
  12. yes i agree that sometimes it becomes heavy making all the game go slow, but i was thinking it more like something optional when i say about collecting items to place and unlock a path (like a hiden place with something like gold/special-item/optional-boss/lore-history like a tomb raider searching relics) i was thinking that this can be optional to unlock hidden thropies that you can place in your house like decoration (ascient stones, strange old tools and crazy stuff) or somekind of idea to search lore that dont have to be with the current trama, like fighting with a zombie that was the king of a werewolf tribe or something like that (i did not asked if there will be monster tranformations, the zombie can become a werewolf afer % amount of damage or when it die) i always show this transformation has example, i like it lol
  13. i like the guess quests, not puzzles like something you need to solve clicking stuff but some riddle questions to unlock something or evoid a monster fight or item collection like the locks of resident evil where you need to find pieces to put them on a wall and unlock a path (you will have a map/letter with riddles to find the place where is located the artefact you need to solve this lock, something like the hidden "?" in the batman arkham serie) i like that of the zoom to interact with a item sending you to a small puzzle, but i agree with Seph there should be a way to evoid this if there is someone that dont want to do them
  14. saving all the characters i made by copy and paste in one image and uploading it to imgur


    i think that is all :D not much actually lol

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    2. UNIT15


      Love it :D You're realy good at making this kind of art! 

    3. ChildofNight


      Good job.... I envy your motivation


    4. juraija


      not much motivation lately lol but in the middletime until this game goes out i try to get some fun from this :D

  15. the most streng you use to hit the water the more it will make resistance to the strike, i think the water can be a good tanker... still dont know what i will be but water element for sure (because i want to play with people's blood lol [evil mode: on])