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  1. idk how big can a beast be, but because is a semi demon god it must be big


  2. the same things come to my mind too, a simple MMO game is like a Final Fantasy 1, you only need to kill every thing that is not human on you path because you are the warrior of the light and you must defeat all evil on the world, it is not deep, is just kill for the thrill of kill, the heroes dont even think about what happen with the houses of the villagers after they grab all their items (money, potions, weapons), do they manage to survive after the "heroes" pass through the village? i am a little tired of being a empty person on the video games that just moves forward destroying everything :/ the why Creativerse ended being a bad game for me is that in the end i say "all the things i did were complety useless" i dont see the point of defeating all the monsters and collecting all the resourses if i cant do something important with them afterwards, there is not a boss or end, is just a corrupted planet where you live until you dont want to and quit the game, there is a Background Story that sounds amazing (a lot of papers and info chips that you find in chests) but there is nothing you can do in the game to find what was going on before the world become corrupted with the underground monsters, there are no villagers, no bosses, not a single goal except collect and build...
  3. i have been really lazy lately and today i wanted to update this image, not much has change since last time but i want it saved on the Internet


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    2. Seph


      I see you did a Jedi on the bottom left, any plans on making a sith? You could use the hoodie in my avatar. Anyways, nice collection.

    3. Lighterthief


      nice indeed!

    4. Terrazer


      yes now you said that, it kinda looks like something from spiral knights :D

  4. this has nothing to be with the topic, but StoneHearth really worth the 25 dolars in Steam? looks like Trove but with a initial payment, kinda looks like Dragon Quest Builders too but if i want to spend money in a game like that i better go for that one, smells like a money grabber to me... well lately every videogame smells like a money grabber to me :/
  5. i find the image iamallama says is harder because i dont have something done before on this one lol
  6. still no female complete sprite here? i have a horrible memory so i dont remember if there was a topic with the female sprite
  7. something like that? i dont have a animation for the hair or the female :/
  8. Where is Wally? 

    Here he is!


    (because i will not pay him...)

  9. the greed is endless like the joy It gets from seeing the suffering


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      Only signed in to upvote this. Good stuff as usual.

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      Thank you Seph :D

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  10. Thanks for liking my elephant

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      i was going to ask "how did you know that?" but i realised that was going to leave me in evidence, so i decided to give you a point and post this lol

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  11. and then the clonic zombies attacked


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      not bad xD here is a reputation point for you

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      thanks :D someday everyone will be slaying hordes of clonic zombies on the game lol

  12. this can work for surprise attacks (if that will be a thing on the game) or for the bosses while you are fighting or if there will be bosses with multiple forms (like Freezer from dragon ball) on the old final fantasy games there are some battles where the enemy speak some words in the upper part of the screen, is no a bad idea but i dont know how they will implement it on this game
  13. yeah, right, because the bandits are a good group of people that will pay you after your character complete the mission...... i should just murder them, burn the hideout and let the worms rule..... lol now more serious, i like this idea of enemy interaction, maybe there could be a way to evoid some fights by using the right words, or becoming a bandit somehow if you want to (but be sure i will try to murder you if you do that, so be carefull, even more if there is a reward for your head) i has been listening to stories of the game Eve Online and the community there do amazing stuff on the game, so i vote up to everything that add more possible ways to the game
  14. i almost forget about the now month devblog.... my mind is a little lost lately lol well at least this is a surprise devblog for me i did not even read it (dont want to right now) so dont know lol nice art and keep working of this fantasy world to transport us all there in a near future
  15. maybe a tab with bars or a persentage (%) that show the progression of the different things that has been done, the things that are being done and the things to be done