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  1. i did not read it all, but is basic the same, and is from year 1 so i am sure there will be some alchemy going on in the game
  2. Alchemy like Dragon Quest or Fullmetal Alchemist? in the first one you put 2 random items in a cauldron to create a new item and in the second one it is more used has an attack/defence system i did not play Skyrim (dont kill me) so idk the system they use for alchemy there but i think is similar to dragon quest... maybe there will be forges and weapon/armor tiers like it was on FO but i think that does not count, idk if this should be more related to potions or accessories, right now i dont remember a topic of this but maybe someone with more will of doing things today will give you a better answer
  3. i am kinda lazy to do stuff, it took me hours lol


    1. Seph


      Made me think of this. 


    2. juraija


      "Come on! You can Finish this! Come on! Do it!"

      lol yes, more or less like that XD i put music to rise up my spirit and keep drawing

    3. Seph


      Keeps me alive bro

  4. you mean something like this? maybe in the forums but in the game i dont see this idea working well this is the border of the avatar in game maybe it can be a common circle in the beginning and add the gem later on
  5. boooring...


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    2. juraija


      lol a bug managed to get into his system

    3. fredonia
    4. Seph


      Now that is how you seduce someone. 

  6. lol i totally forget about that button
  7. something like this <font color="green">that is supposed to change the color of the words</font> but here in Waves of Time forums
  8. yes, but they look different from the character sprite (except for 3 or 4 that looks like they follow the sprite) what i say can be used has a quest too, there could be NPCs with a random name in the new city/town/area that looks like a normal player running around, standing near a static NPC pretending they are doing something, even fighting against a monster if there are not more players around and at some point when you talk to somebody or walk to a determinated area or complete a determinated action they could get close to you and attack you like any other enemy Edit: this can sound like a cheap way to get more enemies (and maybe is) by using the clothes the players use on their characters, but i kinda like the idea of Assassin's Creed online where you dont know who is a NPC and who is a Player (i know that there is a lot of people that hate this game mode, me included because is mandatory for the 100% achivement, but i have to say it is a interesting idea if is implemented in a different way)
  9. i was thinking if there was going to be enemies that looks like the normal characters, because that can make a new possibility with the clothes in the game, i mean that if you manage to get the set of "Bandit" the bandits wearing the same clothes will not attack you unless you attack them first, i remember reading that there was going to be clothes to get in some places without being attacked but i dont remember reading if we get them by killing a human NPC with the sprites of the normal characters or we just stealth them from a random chest... if this was answered before i must say that i am bad searching and finding topics on this website, or maybe just too lazy to make a really effort on the search
  10. idk why i clicked on this topic thinking there was going to be a list of the already questioned questions lol anyway i am searching if someone already asked if there where going to be enimies that looks like characters (i hope someone remember the human recruits from one of the initial missions/quests of Fantasy Online, i dont remember the names but there was a boss with them too) maybe i should ask anyway in the "Questions and Answers" section lol
  11. i was thinking about the skins of the game "Heroes of the Storm", there is a character from Diablo 3 called Kharazim and is dressed has Wolverine, that makes me remember the character creation of Soul Calibur where you was able to make fighters that looks like Jade from MK, Cloud from FF VII, Catwoman from Batman, etc. the question is: there will be any chance of do that on WoT? or the copyright is more hard to evoid that just making them look similary to the original? with green skin and a pant you can make a simple Hulk if the game let us choose any skin color (like Saint's Row the Third) i am sure there will be a lot of interesting stuff being made by the players those are the pants used in the character
  12. juraija 2.5


    looks a little ganster lol

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    2. juraija


      my avatar is a fail of a portal and some minions trying to go through it, i have to complete the bow and sword attack and i upload the 2.7 juraija sprite here :D

    3. fredonia


      Yeah I see it all clearly now that I'm looking at it at full size! From the thumbnail it always seemed to me like a fiery, purple peacock. :lol: For the record fiery peacocks are cool.

    4. juraija


      it is done :D


      and with the return of the evil one


  13. about the beginning, what do you suggest? something like a tutorial where you solve a quiz with questions about your past, like a premade background story that show up depending on your answers? we can start with useless armor/weapons but i kinda like that of starting with literally nothing, i dont see a way to conect a premade story with starting defenceless, maybe something like Baldur's Gate of GameBoy Advance where you start with nothing because someone steal you..... what about the idea of Soul Reaven Legacy of Kain, i think i said this before, we start with a random character fighting against a unstopable monster and eventually the character dies and fall into the Waves of Time (something like the "end of time" or the Limbo) where a voice says that can give him/her a second chance to save mankind and revives him/her almost naked (because of censorship) and the story of the game begins grey, green, yellow and red? the plastic bow was a good weapon lol i like the joke/bad-looking weapons of the beginning, it makes you want to level up fast to stop looking like that XD
  14. idk how big can a beast be, but because is a semi demon god it must be big