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  1. Kainui's 3D Art

    that shield has a lot of battles, incredible work, interesting website by the way, i will follow this because i forgot to keep a track on the topics if is only by memory lol
  2. Quest Rewards!

    @FrickinDave the name is Tree of Savior, idk if you can play it in browser, is to download on Steam, sorry for the long wait on the response i was with no internet on september.
  3. Quest Rewards!

    are we going to have secret quests? i discover some maps that have quests with strange requeriments to complete them in Tree of Savior, there are quests that appear at certain hour or day like an event but there are available all the year, there are more videos of this but right now i dont remember the names of all the areas with those quests
  4. Training skills and the relation of Food.

    i dont remember reading this before, in creativerse there is no hungry but you can create food that speed you up, make your life gauge expand (+X amount of life for X minutes) or make able to run for more time (+X amount of stamine for X minutes) it sounds like you want it to be like a stamina bar that maybe will slow down your progress if is empty and that is something many people dont like, but maybe implementing the food for something else that just getting your life bar full will be great in Toriko he "level up" eating monsters, i would like to see special food that grant you temporal random bonuses (or potions being made with strange things droped from monsters just like Minecraft... is the only example i remember right now lol) a bonus like "you get the result of the plus of the numbers you get from the experience of killing a monster" example you killed a golem, it gives you 520xp points and with this food you get 5+2+0= 7xp extra points (yeah it sounds like not too much but if you just started and the monters drop like 78xp you will get 15+78= 93xp, it looks good to me for the creation of a second character so if we got a "team storage" in our accounts [a storage that allows you to give items from one character you have to another character you have in your account] this food could be great to speed up the leveling at the beginning)
  5. Strong in the real way


    1. EmpathyBear


      Downvoted for making me sing Steven Universe songs

    2. NickBuscus


      Upvoted for making me sing Steven Universe songs :thumbup:

  6. you will say "this is unbalanced" but the bad guys have armys of monsters, robots and zombies, so i think is going well


    1. KingAruthur


      how much time did u spend on this?


    2. juraija


      idk, maybe a little too much XD i start writting a story for some of the characters and the world of Joined Fantasy, the most important is the one covered in black, it is called Kuwa'Rairu, is like a fusion between Legion and Silver Surfer, i write in spanish and i am too lazy to translate so maybe i will just post the images of the characters here lol

      you maybe recognize some of the characters, and some are just random made lol there are 2 youtubers i like on this image too XD

    3. juraija


      a very large image with the names, it took me time to make it XD


      i will just put the link, i think it will be better lol

  7. i wonder if can be considered a "betrayal to the motherland" if i say that i hate the laws of my country

    i will never unsderstand how they can leave the murderers go free just because they are "sick" for consuming drugs... they are no "sick", they totally know what they are doing and they dont care if they take the life of 1 or 100 persons because there is no punishment for them, even more, i will say that they kill for fun, i stop seeing the news because there is always a video of people being shot and leaved to die for no reason, they didn't even try to take something from them or at least check if they have something

    funk mankind and the human rights created to protect those soulless beasts that only consume the future of everything else... incredible how people still want to have childs on this society

    the laws exist because mankind don't care about nothing, and this things happen when there is no law. damn human nature

    1. Terrazer


      thats completely funked up, and its mostly always that way, anywhere around the globe... be it stealing, killing and whatnot... the ones that deserve a good correction get nothing while those who dont get it everytime, funk the humans, you're right

  8. Bazaars

    maybe premade things they will request you for a specific item, that will become a complement of the normal market because there will be people hunting those items to sell them in the market for a fast money that the lazy ones will give (people like me) and maybe it will make a little more fun the grinding because i can get bows that i can exchange for a better 2-handed sword on that special market the useless items there was in FO can be exchange for more usefull things on those places, sounds like a good idea to me, because who want a backpack full of strange things that the monsters drop
  9. Forum username vs IG username

    in tree of savior you have a Team Name, the name we use in the forum can be the team name and the characters are the members (i have a team called juraija, but with only 1 character until now called Faust_Mileghere, you can select if display the name of the character only or the team name only or both when you play ) shame that the cooperative is not a thing on that game lol idk if is hard to me to find a party or if there is no people wanting to play in a party XD
  10. Hey, can you please make profile picture for me?


    1. juraija


      i sended you a PM, send me the idea of your avatar when you can :)

  11. Treasure Hunts

    i have 2 examples of this that really make me explore the world first the chests on Creativerse that random spawn in the world and somethimes has books or old-datachips with lore (normally has a lot of usefull stuff like wood, honey, vines to make ropes, etc.) second is again chests but in Tree of Savior that have random items or the box to unlock a collection of items that if you complete it you earn a small bonus for all the characters of your account, in this game are a lot of "hidden" places or with stuff blocking your view so i never know in wich corner i will find one (and you get some xp for completing the exploration of an area but that is something apart lol) in creativerse those are Random, maybe you are walking and one pop up in front of you just like that XD and in Tree of Savior is different because is per character, if you already opened it you will see my character kicking the air and grabbing something from it lol that is because those have things you need for your account, i will sooner or later check on Internet for the locations of those that way i can start completing the bonuses
  12. Forum Leaderboard

    lol iamallama is the master of the universe
  13. Beginning Story Line

    i starting to think we all want a DnD or Warhammer begin with a previous history and a bad initial inventory given by the background/class you choose, i totally like this lol
  14. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    @Nanog thanks that will save me time of changing passwords every months or so (yes, this happen me a lot, even when it is similar on the different accounts lol)
  15. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    yes (and now the chances of being hack goes up a big % lol) but i change it, anyway i am early, i have to wait until monday