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  1. Hero


    Wait, this isn't RuneScape? Fooled again! Damnit, Llama!
  2. I can be your user 660 baby, I can grind away the experience. 

  3. Hero

    Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    Congratulations on the promotion, but I'm going to need you to quit your job, leave the life you now know and focus on Waves of Time full-time. Haha, just kidding. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Llamas < Alpacas
  4. Hero

    Hiring Scripters?

    I'll pay your wages in waffles.
  5. Hero

    Possible New Classes

    Or maybe you start as nothing, classless (like me at a restaurant) - then you build your character into the class you want. That'd open up to a lot more customization to your character(s).
  6. Hero

    WoT Mobile

    Mobile MMORPG's are getting extremely popular, including Order & Chaos, upcoming (Old School) RuneScape mobile, Bit Heroes, among many others. A lot of computer MMORPG's are making the jump to mobile and I'm wondering if this will ever be the case for Waves of Time? @iamallama
  7. Llama Quest > Waves of Time

  8. Hero

    Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Looking good! I can't wait for the final results.
  9. I am an undercover dolphin.

    1. KingAruthur


      Hey thats pretty good!

  10. Lol @ Tim Allen's forum board.

  11. Happy Birthday Hero!

  12. Hero

    The3rdDuke's Gallery

    I love it, you should start making more quest items - they're gonna need a bunch. I notice most people are focusing on clothing. :x
  13. Even when I was a kid, my imaginary friend would play with the kid across the street.

    1. DerZerknitterer


      This happened to me when I was 8. He never came back

  14. Hero

    Am i lucky to claim this username?

    Wait .. Are you the real Chuck Norris? I will sacrifice my first born child to you, oh great Norris of Chuck. Too far? Alright, now we know where to draw the line.