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  1. Crab

    Devblog 71: Animations

    Love how our characters are going to be ambidextrous. Keep up the great work!!
  2. Crab


    Do past submission count? I made a cloak for one but don't know if useable. I may actually try something new for this one, maybe if I get the motivation.
  3. Crab

    Devblog #63: UI and Inventory V1

    Not to rain on your parade Dominus but we, the Alpha team, may have beaten you there.
  4. Happy Birthday Crab!

  5. Crab

    Fantasy Online

    *edit* double posted
  6. Crab

    Fantasy Online

    It makes me, every time someone brings of Fantasy Online everyone seems to put negative input on it.Its a name, why cants we talk about it? There's thread talking about other games like Kingdom of Loot and Elder Scrolls online, why can't we talk about Fantasy Online? Sure it's no longer playable, but why is it every time it's brought up, it's bashed on? Just curious.
  7. Crab

    Pixel Art Academy

    Looks neat, I'll have to check it out some time.
  8. Crab

    The Community [In a nutshell]

    Something that is being used now to prevent the down vote rampage is allowing only one down vote a day. Seems to work well enough.
  9. Crab

    Art Contest #20

    People please refrain from putting the spritesheet in the gallery as it messes things up and makes it disorganized. Just upload the gif and in the description paste a link to the spritesheet. It'll allow the viewing to look more neat.
  10. Crab

    PixelShop trouble

    Sadly no, only stuff made from PS. In PyxelEdit you're able to import gifs and images though. Was around 9US$ when I got it in beta.
  11. Crab

    RedError WIP's and projects in-view

    Great work on the shroom, really nice. Nice job on the bogu too, excited to see what you'll do to them full/larger size. Cheers
  12. Great work both LT and ggnoxx! Very impressive. Fat goblin eyeing out that jelly donut.
  13. Crab

    Personal Thoughts

    Joseph talking about all these pixelmmo games and clearly hasn't seen the beauty of Kingdom of Loot. Not saying anything on LQ but both games have brilliant art. Love to see them come to life.
  14. Crab

    Art Contest #18

    Does it have to be a tile or can an animation be made of it? edit:
  15. Crab

    Devblog #57: UI! UI! UI!

    Looks amazing, as Terrazer said looking forward to the update. Just something small that popped out was the part of the tree coming out of the rock directly above the male sprite's head.