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  1. In 4 days... It'll be 4 years of waiting ^_^

  2. WoT is still alive!

    1. Seph


      More alive than ever my friend (especially on discord). Did you play the open test a few days ago?

    2. geekphoenix


      whaaaaaaaat you got a open test and i did not know about it? OMG

    3. Monster


      Didn't get the chance because of school and stuff. ;-;


  3. *Thumbs up*

  4. Monster

    What class is your fave and why

    My favorite class is agility. Just for dodge, I don't like taking hits.
  5. Life is not easy :/


  6. Boooooo


    1. NickBuscus


      pls stahp, you are giving me a frighten

  7. Monster

    Devblog 73: Equips for everything

    @iamallama get yourself a llama armor set
  8. Nothing motivates me to play any games on PC anymore :/

    1. ninja123watermelon


      is this an apr. fools joke?

    2. empeoror


      Take a break from gaming and find a new hobby to sink time into. You can watch movies, go for walks or you could even teach yourself how to use Photoshop. Just try to stay away from gaming for a bit and when you come back to it you'll enjoy it again. I went through that before :)

  9. will it be announced thereby?
  10. You guys rock! I'm still obsessed for this game to come out!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Seph


      The obsession only grows. o;

    3. Monster


      It does over time... :3

    4. Soulbanker


      it needs more cowbell tho

  11. Donated some money to this, my GF got mad. Rbbl.

    1. Aridosa


      get her to join!

    2. Seph


      We love you more than your gf, it's okay.

    3. Monster
  12. I learned that Vodka is not a joke.