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  1. game still not released 4 years and counting gratz on the painstakingly long wait

    1. Timspark


      I feel you its taking as long as Final fantasy 7 remake XD

  2. drakelord12

    Devblog 84: A day late...

    i know i wont see any reply to this for a while but when am i going to be able to play this freaking game iv been waiting far to long to try it out
  3. drakelord12

    This is a goodbye, not a farewell!

    they always come back they always come back look at me im the biggest ghost around
  4. Currently going for microsoft powerpoint word excel access and publisher cerifications ( got powerpoint cert)( taking ic3 which is essentaly cyber security)

    1. iamallama


      cyber security with ms office? Sounds like a joke. I will say though that information assurance jobs are in really high demand.

    2. joppelarius


      that's nuts drakey!

  5. drakelord12


    If their is going to be a rebirth system I think it should be a archangel instead of death like here's a example Lucifer Description I shale steal the away from thy god and grant the rebirth become stronger child of llama Some random stuff like that
  6. drakelord12

    Week 35

    I miss my computer befor it crashed I had some unfinished monsters I was practicing on that could em good for this game one was medusa and a sphinx Ps: this reminds me of the fo before it's release to the public
  7. drakelord12


    Is it out for everyone ir just the testers
  8. drakelord12

    Llama quest download

    Oh I se thanks am I sorry didn't look in that tread for it so basically it will be out sooner for computer than it will be for android or iphone looks like I gotta get me a computer soon I would love that you don't even know since i built a new tower(amazing decision btw) I've been wondering what I'll do when LQ comes out when my fam goes on trips. Llama I'm not trying to change your mind but I like android more(#TeamAndroid) it's less locked up but thats just my opinion. I don't know I kinda like the samsung galaxy but I'm not sure I can play games in it using Internet yet haven't tried
  9. drakelord12

    Llama quest download

    It kinda sucks for me since I don't have a computer anymore an I'm using my iphone is thier going to be a possible chance for it to be playable on iphone?
  10. drakelord12

    Week 31

    The characters are cool kinda reminds me of seyken Will thier be any shoulder outfits?
  11. drakelord12


    Well I see what your talking about I got the idea from run escape after playing it after a years absent
  12. drakelord12


    I know that they tell players where they can an can't go but I see this once in a old mmo that u downloaded they had them placed to stop the map but in certian parts they are opening to go through and in those openings there's like hidden maps harder areas that the normal map mayby you can add something like that to Lq