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  1. Devblog 89: Bank

    rip my dreams of becoming a pokeymans master
  2. pics or it didn't happen!
  3. Kainui's 3D Art

    I've been busy, but obviously posting stuff here is kind of silly so I started posting to twitter. I quit working with those other guys and started working on a game and I'm still just making other art by itself for fun so you can see how my game comes along. Shouldl be finished by the end of this month, I'm planning on submitting to an itch.io competition. https://twitter.com/Saesegral
  4. Devblog 88: Pets

    I'll have what he's smoking
  5. Devblog 88: Pets

    I was afraid to speak up about that, I was totally gonna give my high level pets to my low level characters :'( I just like doing things the hard way, if there's some rare item like a "cursed ring" I can trade to a level 1 character to equip that prevents me from gaining exp so I could train up a pet on it (since there is a level cap on trading pets, I'd have to level the pet up from level 1 on that character), I'd totally use it just for the bragging and the challenge. Besides, it's a way of stretching the content of the game out longer lol. Also some kind of staff weapon that I can use that does 0 damage to enemies but heals my pet would be nice to have too. Yeah, I realize none of this is high on the priority list but hey, can't hurt to ask right?
  6. Devblog 88: Pets

    Just some fun questions regarding pets: Can I have multiple out at the same time fighting? (How many?) Can I send in my pet to fight first from afar so that I can stand back and only use healing skills / buffs on it... kind of like a pokemon master? Can I turn off my character's exp gain and only have my pet gain exp as a kind of ridiculous challenge mode? Can pets die, and how do pets come back to life?
  7. Devblog 88: Pets

    "Removed pvp from game altogether. " Well at least it's coming back, I guess I will survive (and everyone else) until then. and pets sound cool. Honestly nice to see that stuff is being cut and focus is being made on the essentials.
  8. Quest Rewards!

    If there are dailies, I'd prefer them to be to some extent difficult so that you're encouraged to invite other people along with you to help fend off mobs during the quest. -It encourages people to make new friends for a common goal -Probably gonna result in people starting guilds together -Promotes continuing the in game community after all, it's not just a role playing game, it's a multiplayer one. I like doing stuff with other people, but I don't necessarily want to feel obligated to do so.
  9. Did you find out about Waves of Time because you were a past FO player suffering nostalgia and wound up here, or did you find out about this game some other way? I'm just curious since it seems like everyone here was an FO player at one point, so I'd really be interested to see someone who wasn't.
  10. Kainui's 3D Art

    Here's something interesting you might not know about game development. Check out these two 3D models, what's the difference between them? The model on the left is only about 400 vertices while the model on the right is about 120,000! So what happened was I sculpted the model on the right, but that creates tons of vertices in order to get that nice detail. But practically speaking, that's really computationally intensive! So there's this process called baking normal maps, which creates this texture here which is just a simple image that gives you a kind of cheating way of using a simpler object to calculate how light should reflect off the high poly object while only rendering the simpler smaller one! But just keep in mind, I probably should have added an extra nose to the sphere, since the further distorted the sculpt is from the simpler object, the more obvious the "cheat" becomes since the object on the left really is just a plain sphere, so here you can see at an angle what I'm talking about: Anyways I just thought this would be cool to show, while playing videogames you might notice next time when there are normal maps being used to give that extra really fine texture.
  11. Kainui's 3D Art

    I started working with some small indie game group, I'll just continually edit this post with the models in progress, so most of them will be grey at the start, but hopefully end up a little more colorful later.
  12. Kainui's 3D Art

    I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda tough. But you can try watching some youtube tutorials, that's how I learned a lot of stuff. If you look up "How to make a helmet in blender" tons of stuff will come up. You could also send me message here if you need help.
  13. Time Setting

    As Einstein once posited, time is a flat circle with no beginning.
  14. Kainui's 3D Art

    Thanks, yeah the detail is super tedious but I notice it's getting easier for me to tolerate, plus I have suddenly noticed myself just getting more aware of textures and lighting/shadow of things around me which is like sorta cool feeling my eyes leveling up kinda, even though not really I need to go get new glasses lol. Good question I forgot to mention in the first post what I'm using I'll probably edit that, I'm using Blender. It's free so you could go download it right now if you want to. All my models are free to download too off that site if anyone would want to play around with them, and I can even post the .blend files. (.blend is the file format that Blender saves to by default, which has all the options and stuff that I use while working on it.) Currently I have a few things in progress: Robot spider game assets for a friend (animated, but not textured, project on hold cause he's busy in school right now) Frozen eye staff; it's a stick with a solid frozen chunk of clear ice at the end with an eyeball inside of it staring out at you. Learning anatomy so I can design and make characters I'm totally open for ideas or requests of stuff, like if you want to sketch something or write out some ideas you want to see. After I finish that staff, gonna have to make something else.
  15. Kainui's 3D Art

    Cool glad you like it, I'll probably be making 3D waves of time fan art for fun lol.