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  1. Kainui

    3D Bushy

    https://skfb.ly/6xwoW Check it out, a 3D bushy. Maybe I can reuse this to model an artichoke later. I think I'm gonna animate him hopping around later if anyone's showing interest otherwise just thought I'd share for fun.
  2. Kainui


    Agreed. Instead of standing and letting some blacksmith make it, can you steal some of the attack animations and put a hammer in their hand or something and make it look like you're banging away at the anvil in town and building the object yourself? Effectively the same thing, except maybe has more potential for what you're wearing or have done in the past to matter. Like maybe some previous quest taught you how to make something that you couldn't previously, so you have a kinda list of recipes you know how to make.
  3. Kainui


    I'm a fan of crafting where the overall process of collecting the parts by killing monsters, scavenging plants or mining items in the world, doing things to the parts with stuff in the world like an anvil or magic stone at some location with tools you've made or collected, and then combining them yourself is the best way. I don't want to just get items and give them to some blacksmith and have him just do it, that's lame. It's a game, I wanna be the one who makes the stuff!
  4. Kainui

    Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    I like reading about the details of the problems you unwittingly run into and how you end up finding and nailing them down. Just always kinda interested in what sorta pains go into the making of an MMO, but not brave/interested enough to try to jump into that ocean myself. Oh one request pls indent your writeup at least two (2) times next time
  5. Kainui

    Rename Edelstein (or not)

    Since it doesn't look like it's gonna get in, Daymesh is an anagram of Sam Hyde. Choose wisely
  6. Kainui

    Rename Edelstein (or not)

    remember to vote for Daymesh, the best name on the list
  7. Kainui

    Rename Blacksmith/Edelstein

    Daymesh Kind of random, nordic sounding like a rough black smith should be.
  8. Kainui

    Devblog 89: Bank

    rip my dreams of becoming a pokeymans master
  9. pics or it didn't happen!
  10. Kainui

    Kainui's 3D Art

    I've been busy, but obviously posting stuff here is kind of silly so I started posting to twitter. I quit working with those other guys and started working on a game and I'm still just making other art by itself for fun so you can see how my game comes along. Shouldl be finished by the end of this month, I'm planning on submitting to an itch.io competition. https://twitter.com/Saesegral
  11. Kainui

    Devblog 88: Pets

    I'll have what he's smoking
  12. Kainui

    Devblog 88: Pets

    I was afraid to speak up about that, I was totally gonna give my high level pets to my low level characters :'( I just like doing things the hard way, if there's some rare item like a "cursed ring" I can trade to a level 1 character to equip that prevents me from gaining exp so I could train up a pet on it (since there is a level cap on trading pets, I'd have to level the pet up from level 1 on that character), I'd totally use it just for the bragging and the challenge. Besides, it's a way of stretching the content of the game out longer lol. Also some kind of staff weapon that I can use that does 0 damage to enemies but heals my pet would be nice to have too. Yeah, I realize none of this is high on the priority list but hey, can't hurt to ask right?
  13. Kainui

    Devblog 88: Pets

    Just some fun questions regarding pets: Can I have multiple out at the same time fighting? (How many?) Can I send in my pet to fight first from afar so that I can stand back and only use healing skills / buffs on it... kind of like a pokemon master? Can I turn off my character's exp gain and only have my pet gain exp as a kind of ridiculous challenge mode? Can pets die, and how do pets come back to life?
  14. Kainui

    Devblog 88: Pets

    "Removed pvp from game altogether. " Well at least it's coming back, I guess I will survive (and everyone else) until then. and pets sound cool. Honestly nice to see that stuff is being cut and focus is being made on the essentials.