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  1. Cizalto's creation world

    The legends tell that this album is damned. Anyone who try to see what there's inside never come back as they are before. As they said pictures of monster in it eat their souls.
  2. Dev Blog 77 - MAPS! Arr!

    Plop ! I just came back here, and i discover three incredible nation. Good job Dev Team for the work on nation's ideology.
  3. Devblog 71: Animations

    Yay now base anim are almost made i could do some sets ^^
  4. Happy Birthday Cizalto!

  5. Art Contest #28 part 3: Head

    Ok it's sharing time ^^ Full Fire Eater set: Head : Chest : Pants :
  6. Art Contest #28 part 3: Head

    oh damn forgot it !!!
  7. ART CONTEST #28 Part 2

    FAINEL !!!!!!! Spritesheet x1: Spritesheet x2: PS: Spritesheet are not transparent because pain funked up the png file. I will change that soon.
  8. The first one has alot of jaggies. Jaggies : (Section IV, part 2) The second one is better but shading can still be improve. To get better you need to practice. So i am looking forward to see your pixel art.
  9. Music and Sound Effects

    @@Penanito This music is amazing ! Keep up the good work ! @@iamallama like that one
  10. ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    Here's my Final : Fire Eater Pants And spritesheet x1 (original size) : And spritesheet x2 :
  11. ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    Work in progress
  12. ART CONTEST #28

    Question; As i understand we will have to build part of body over week. So the result will be part of the free contest body part. So Does it will create a random set at the end of this contest ?
  13. ART CONTEST #27

    I made some One Punch Man cosplay for this contest.
  14. Download WoT Sprite

    Here's the link of the male sprite tiled for PyxelEdit: @@Lighterthief i let you put it or not in the first post. PS: I will do the female version in some days. Will work on the male version first.
  15. Art Contest #25

    Always on my path Math. One day i'll win. One i'l get you.