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  1. Plop ! I just came back here, and i discover three incredible nation. Good job Dev Team for the work on nation's ideology.
  2. Yay now base anim are almost made i could do some sets ^^
  3. Happy Birthday Cizalto!

  4. Ok it's sharing time ^^ Full Fire Eater set: Head : Chest : Pants :
  5. oh damn forgot it !!!
  6. FAINEL !!!!!!! Spritesheet x1: Spritesheet x2: PS: Spritesheet are not transparent because pain funked up the png file. I will change that soon.
  7. The first one has alot of jaggies. Jaggies : (Section IV, part 2) The second one is better but shading can still be improve. To get better you need to practice. So i am looking forward to see your pixel art.
  8. @@Penanito This music is amazing ! Keep up the good work ! @@iamallama like that one
  9. Here's my Final : Fire Eater Pants And spritesheet x1 (original size) : And spritesheet x2 :
  10. Work in progress
  11. Question; As i understand we will have to build part of body over week. So the result will be part of the free contest body part. So Does it will create a random set at the end of this contest ?
  12. I made some One Punch Man cosplay for this contest.
  13. Here's the link of the male sprite tiled for PyxelEdit: @@Lighterthief i let you put it or not in the first post. PS: I will do the female version in some days. Will work on the male version first.
  14. Always on my path Math. One day i'll win. One i'l get you.