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  1. Happy Birthday Maci!

  2. Happy Birthday Maci!

  3. Maci

    Week 46

    Almost happy birthday! Hope you have fun dear.
  4. couldn't be more dissapointed with Paypal. Ugh..

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    2. Seph


      Ugh indeed.. I'm having issues with google chrome and its new 2-step verification crap.

    3. Maci


      No, they limited my account and are refusing to cooperate.

    4. Seph


      That's awful :\

  5. Maci

    Week 44: NPC's! An Introductory Vision

    Are you accepting anymore Alpha testers? or I'm going to assume that the same testers will be kept throughout the whole stage?
  6. is updating her profile feed. That's all

    1. Tementhy


      Aww, is that a maltese? My sister has a maltese and i have a bichon/maltese mix.

  7. Maci

    Unite The Guilds

    I would love to join
  8. Maci

    Week 32: The Russian Revolution

    It all sounds so very neat
  9. Maci

    Week 31

    Wow.. that progress though.
  10. Maci

    Week 29

    I know what you mean by stress. Don'tt worry Llama we understand. Have fun staff! Don't work too hard
  11. Maci


    I could see this as a good idea if LQ is a game we're able to play with on a mobile device, but I think Paypal would be safer and an easier way for us to purchase overall.
  12. Maci

    Haunted by the Llama

    You guys and your Llamas.
  13. Cause you´re a sky, cause you´re a sky for the stars. Imma give you my heart

    1. mvp


      last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. and this year to save me from tears. I'll give it to someone special.

  14. Cause you´re a sky, cause you´re a sky for the stars. Imma give you my heart

    1. joppelarius


      But I'm not a sky, I'm a squirrel! :D