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  1. Devblog 88: Pets

    Llama mentioned that there would be a bank shared among all the characters you create on your account. You can store coins, items, and equipment in this manner. With direct trading implemented, it's possible to P2P (Player To Player) trade. Later (though less on the implementation list) will be a global player market to buy and sell your items. If versioning of cosmetic items gets introduced, or some items phase into the more rare state, then it will be feasible to have a market for buying and selling rare (or versioned) goods at your discretion.
  2. Devblog 88: Pets

    Earlier Llama and I were talking about the premium store aspect of your question. For the premium store, what was mentioned was that there's a possibility that cosmetic pets could be put in the store. For example, you might be able to obtain a normal skinned version of a certain pet in the game, then a gold skin colored version of the same pet is offered in the premium store. The premium pet would still give the same stats and/or effects as the one you could get normally, but simply be a more fancy looking themed pet, to show off your spunky support for the game. The goal, as usual, being to keep core game aspects away from the P2W setting and instead focus on micro-transactions for cosmetics and features of that nature.
  3. Devblog 88: Pets

    I feel like crits should have a different text color than the normal attacks. Pets: @Kainui 1) You can only have 1 pet at a time out. 2) If you set the pet to "Defend" then aggro a minion, the pet will attack it for you, since "Defend" sets the pets personality to "Attack any target that is attacking my owner". If you're a healer, then you can step back and heal or etc. Vice versa for if you're a DPS and have a healer pet, your pet will heal you while you aggro. 3) Probably sure that won't be an option, no point to it really. 4) Pets can die (as they have health bars shown in the .gif). Return to a specialized NPC (designated to revive pets) to revive them.
  4. Quest Rewards!

    I'd agree with you on where your going with that logic in the context of daily rewards for logging in, but the point of dailies in terms of quests are to get the player on everyday at least once and participate in the game with an incentive (psychology thing, giving you the temptation to see that something is going on and lull you into the game for just a little while longer than you intended...) Solutions are to either make less daily quests, but that are longer and have more valuable rewards for completion (hence, taking longer to complete and thus you'd want to be on daily for it), or simply not having them at all. In terms of daily loot, however, I think if you log on, and log right back off, it should store the loot in your mail which has a fixed expiration date. That way if you didn't want to play the game, you could stack the loot rewards and go. The topic of discussion would shift then to what rewards would be satisfactory achievement markers for most players? Is that gold? Small bits of premium currency? A chance at a mystery gift? Special items? Personally I would go with something like a calendar system: Bonus rewards for logging in everyday consecutively, and bigger rewards for logging in for a whole month straight, resetting each month. Perhaps bonus rewards for completing X amount of daily quests, showing active participation in the game, and so forth. Just some small ideas, but I think keeping the point and incentive to players who log in and play the game a little bit each day helps overall, that way you're more likely to stay on and participate, especially if there's a nice reward for consecutive days you play.
  5. How did you find out about Waves of Time?

    We kind of have a mixed crowd these days. Most of the older members of the site are from the endings of a beloved pixel game, Fantasy Online. Either by ear or by searching, many of us came here from FO Legacy, which was a community created site for Fantasy Online memories. I've seen some new faces around though (Welcome to all those that are new, sorry I can't get around to you all). Since it's a alpha/beta-environment game, I assume many of us probably heard it from someone else or traced through old sites trying to find Fantasy Online, and ended up here.
  6. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    You were working on instances right? Wasn't sure if you completed that section of the framework yet.
  7. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Great job, looking forward to what comes next. Appreciate the time and effort spent putting this all together.
  8. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    1) Sometimes when you go to trade with another player, you hit the other player and they take damage. 2) Quit button doesn't seem to work for me in the bottom right of the menu screen, I have to exit the game manually using the "X" button. 3) Character "menu" icon in the bottom of the screen doesn't seem to work either. 4) You can equip gear/unequip gear during a fight. 5) Somehow I was able to get these three red guys to bug out. Won't attack me or anything. After leaving the area and coming back, it seemed to fix the bug. Not sure how to replicate it or what I did. 6) Although the character name limit for creating character names is 16, you can enter in characters far beyond that limit. 7) When you tab to select a nearby enemy, it doesn't seem to have a limit on the range. You can select enemies halfway across the map. 8) When you kill an enemy the red dot remains on the map far after the enemy is killed even though it drops no loot. 9) Grapes seem to never drop from the red guys.
  9. Devblog 84: A day late...

    Usually Llama provides a download link to the current working version when supporter weekends and such open up. You'll be able to download the game and run it. When you are able to login to the game, it should only allow supporters at first, then everyone else once it's open. Eventually I believe a web-browser version will be in store, so that will simply be a matter of visiting the web link provided. After the weekend is over, the current source directory won't be able to be run anymore, so you'll simply delete it from your computer. In fact I still have all the files from one of the first weekends. Everything should be provided to you near the time of the opening, so you know what to do.
  10. How do I start?

    A new supporter weekend is in the works for 01-July-2017, then the following Monday it will be open to non-supporters as well to mess around with. If you're wanting to test out the game a little bit up to the latest development features, that would be a good time to get a little feel of it. More info here for the latest development: Devblog 84 @TheGreateMads
  11. Devblog 84: A day late...

    @iamallama Whatever sort of "fun" do you mean with said admin tools... Don't forget to add an "X" (exit) button to the loot window too, as well as skinning + logic for a player market on your "to-do" list, as well as getting the map updated with new landscapes. Overall I hope you're having fun with the project, if there's anything you need let us know.
  12. Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is a "timing": it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles
    and in the right way. 
     Fulton J. Sheen

  13. Human enemies

    So from Dev Blog 81 we can see Bandit hiding in the corner and the image below is all the mobs in the desert clumped together. I think it's definitely possible to have human mobs, considering the vastness of the different areas and themes you could put in the game (along with the different eras like steampunk, mid-evil, etc.) But yeah there cool normal looking characters already drafted. As for getting some sort of bonus when you wear all their armor, like not attacking... I know that hasn't been mentioned before, and I've been here quite awhile.