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  1. Grim

    Graveyard Shift

    Welcome to the Graveyard Shift! Like binge gaming, staying up late, slaying mobs, and chatting? This guild is just for that! Are you a night owl? Perfect! An early bird? Doesn't matter! Anyone who can pick up a sword or summon a spell is welcome here!
  2. Grim

    Dev blog 78 - The one that was missing

    Sorry Terra but us being impatient just shows how much we love the game already lol
  3. Grim

    Dev Blog 77 - MAPS! Arr!

    I love it! Can't believe you made the track in 1 sitting that's serious talent. Also despite the fact that you're a couple years younger than me makes it even more impressive, well for me anyway lol. Can't wait to hear the Night time track
  4. Grim

    Dev Blog 77 - MAPS! Arr!

    If there will be a day/night cycle in the game, it's going to be awesome! Perhaps changing the background music when night comes? Energetic music in the daytime, calm music at night!
  5. Remembering all those times in Fantasy Online, when I played with others, had a fun time any time of the game, had a little virtual life. Now it's gone, all gone.

    Goodbye TwinExo and aimuken, I couldn't find them on this site so I guess this is it :(


    1. Aridosa


      They might still find us here.. There are a lot of people that are still finding it


  6. Woo! Finally graduated! And wow WoT has seriously changed since the last time I came on here. Gj guys!

    1. Aridosa


      gz on graduation!!

    2. Grim


      Thanks! So glad im out of High School. I will be applying to the Coast Guard soon

    3. Aridosa


      That's great!  My dad was in the Coast Guard briefly..

  7. Was hoping I would get to play this before I finish High School, and move on with real responsibilities. Getting a little anxious now.

    1. Vulcan27


      I know. This would've not only made this senior year better, but the transition to next college year, if we go, more relaxing. - High School Senior

  8. Grim

    Suggestion - Don't Add Soulbound Items

    Phew! Thanks Llama
  9. Melanie Martinez - Soap (Solstis Remix)

  10. So lately I've been really into RIFT (like, a lot), that's why I wasn't on this site for some time. Anyways, in that game, and probably in any other MMORPG, there's a mechanic where if you wear an item, you cannot sell/trade it because it is "Soulbound". I found this kinda cheap for Trion to suck out as much money out of players as possible. If LQ doesn't implement this mechanic, it would be great...
  11. Grim

    Am i lucky to claim this username?

    I think I'm lucky I sniped this name as well
  12. Happy Birthday Grim!

  13. Grim

    Tablet Compatible?

    Oh I have forgotten about Flash and Unity. =(
  14. Hey so I got this sweet Lenovo tablet (quad proccesor) and I was wondering if this game will ever be tablet (android) compatible. Would be nice to play WoT anywhere in the house.
  15. If you see a bunch of birthdays on New Year's Eve, they're most likely my alts...