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  1. You gotta

  2. What pc games are people playing these days?

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    2. kidokica


      @fredonia I wholeheartedly agree. I have the base games and a single day for each one of those. I have no intention of buying the rest to play, if you catch my drift. I'm not sure the base game is worth the cost, without the dlc's.

    3. joppelarius


      I play various steam games, mostly older or casual ones. Currently playing Borderlands 2 for the first time. But most of the time I just watch peopz play games on Twitch xD

    4. Seph


      Can't wait for the next Borderlands.

  3. It's 4:32am...so naturally I'm wondering, do other people  pronounce it as "ex-pee" or "experience points " in their heads? 

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    2. fredonia


      Just "experience" for me

    3. joppelarius


      that's a nutty thing to think about that late Mimies!

    4. Timspark


      i call it ex-pee XD


  4. Yes, I am alive...barely. As I drown in uni assignments. *gurgle* 

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    2. Seph


      Obviously the best way to die.

    3. NickBuscus


      It's so bad it transcends bad and skips right down to good.

    4. fredonia


      When you're 80% sure your Psychology department unethically holds students' grades hostage if they don't "volunteer" for campus studies but you don't say anything because they're deeply entrenched in the administration and literally every professor would be against you and you have no idea how you would pursue the circumstances legally. 

      Abstract feel. 

  5. *wakes up from eternal slumber* W-where am I?

  6. Curious

    *A magical Meems appears and stares at Jedi Seph*
  7. New Content Tab

    Never had that issue myself but I rarely use that tab. If that persists, just go to the main page and click on the number of new posts and you can see new content that way. Good luck.
  8. Guess I missed it? Can't login. Just my luck.

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    2. Crab


      Yeah, pretty sure all staff have access to the game if the have access to the subforum

    3. Mimies


      Thanks Terra, and nope I don't have access to the subforum.

    4. Terrazer


      Maybe they forgot to give you access, ask them.

  9. Devblog #61: Another one bites the dust!

    @@QueenC c: Thank you, doll.
  10. Devblog #61: Another one bites the dust!

    @@Archangel Cookies and coins are acceptable payments. @@Ashero
  11. Devblog #61: Another one bites the dust!

    Thank you guys I'm very excited
  12. Art Contest #21

    @@RedError Yes, that's the only thing. I currently just have two separate documents while I work and the palette always stays open. I've tried the layer method and I end up forgetting to switch layers. The palette import option doesn't import images, it just extracts the colors found in it.
  13. Trying to squash the procrastination bug...

    1. DerZerknitterer
    2. Zephyros504


      ^That was procrastination bug squashing us :V

    3. Mimies
  14. Art Contest #21

    @@Riptide Click the palette in this thread so that it opens in a new tab. Save that to downloads or wherever you want it to go. It saves as a png which is the only format a palette can be in. In Pyxel Edit, open up a new project to work on your submission in; Click "Color" at the top of the screen and click "Import from image..." Then search the folder you saved the palette to. Click it and then click done. Now your palette should only have those colors. If for some reason this isn't working for you, you can always import the image as one document and then use the alt key to select a color from it and move back over to your project to use it. More time consuming but it's a fix. EDIT: I also could have gravely misunderstood what you were asking at all but hey this is how to do it for anyone curious.