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  1. Donations to the game

    There are specific sections you can donate to I believe, depending on what you want it to be spent on. And iamallama has purchased new things since hes started this project, specifically for this game, I've literally read his posts saying he has. He has "producing softwares and computer" yes, but you'd be surprised how much extra is available out there if you wanna put some money into it...
  2. Donations to the game

    ^ (to randomly expand) Its to show appreciation/entice people to donate/(purchase pixels) before there is a game available to play, the funding goes to further development of WoT and surely does speed up the process as iamallama can purchase various things to simplify his job instead of manually having to do everything that someone out there has already done. So right now is a really prime time to donate man.
  3. Environmental Buffs/Debuffs

    I like the core concept of your idea being that it creates diversity. Maybe there's a way we could involve gems or something else in a unique way that brings in traits that are not elements? Like blunt damage, piercing, poison/burn/slow could even be consider non-elemental. Or they could include a Light/Darkness attribute. This could be present in all of the Biomes. So you'd have essential evil and good fire/earth/water/air creatures. I think that could work really well!
  4. FO question

    I believe they worked hard and managed to swap out all of the infringements. People were upset but I heard that was not why the game closed.
  5. Parents: When you live alone your house is gunna be a mess!

    Me: No mum when its my house its gunna be so clean!

    *Moves out, has a clean house for 3 days, cant see the floor anymore for 3 months after that.*

  6. References to other games

    I'm sorry but by Link do you mean Zelda Link? Also, while it would be great to include characters from other games and make references it can actually be an infringement to do so. FO took a really solid hit to the nose when they stuck it too far into other peoples business (Making references to things, Crabton America is one example I can think of). They actually had to change dozens and dozens of items to avoid being sued, and it upset some people quite a lot. So while references to other games is fun and desirable, you really have to be careful as to how far you go.
  7. Environmental Buffs/Debuffs

    Hey King! Thanks for another great suggestion! I agree on the idea that it would be interesting to have certain effects or 'dampers' inflicted upon your player in certain biomes. Many newer adventure genre have these added and they seem to make people more excited and engrossed into the environmental aspect of the game. One example is the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for the Nintendo Switch, in which the biomes have extremely prominent affects on the player, and force you to wear different armor, eat different foods, and use different weapons. I think games like this prove that it is something people are interested in. However. With WoT it might be a bit more of a challenge to implement. From what I understand the game rotates around a story of about 3-6 elements (I do not remember), and these elements are largely isolated to a single island/area/zone. This could mean that implementing these biome affects in methods like gem implants would not introduce the same kind of fun diverse play you are thinking of, as it seems you would be fighting lots of fire monsters.... and then no fire monsters but lots of water monsters.... I do think this opens up the discussion on how they plan to do the map layout though, will players be encouraged to return to earlier points in the game by more quests or stronger monsters? Or will areas be more so forgotten like Pirate Island in FO. If they are forgotten what happens to the large amount of work that went into creating a elemental environment for that zone? Just some thoughts. I like where the idea is going though.
  8. Release

    Looks to be very similar controls. I am almost certain it will be like FO in the sense that you click on a target to select them, click again to attack, and then it will autoattack them until they are dead, you will have your basic passive attacks be automatic but you will have to manually target. um, they have added a autopathfinding so your character will find his way to where you click which is cool. Holding down your left mouse trigger on the map automatically clicks every second or so, so you dont have to spam click to move somewhere. And it looks like we will have a skill hotbar someone similar to FO's. It feels very similar.
  9. Night Quests

    Wow this is an AMAZING idea! You could really get far into this! Even something as simple as mobs that only come out at night would be fantastic!! Although I hope your night day cycles would be fairly short, perhaps half an hour to hour long as some people only have specific times of the day they can manage to get on the game and it could be permanently limiting to their progress. Another idea would be maybe Mushrooms or other night plants that come out that you could harvest and craft into special foods/potions. Great idea though Aruthur!
  10. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    iamallama We have waited this long, don't feel pressured sounds like things are coming along at an extremely satisfying pace! Thanks for putting so much of your time into this! Your a gem!!!
  11. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Thanks sounds great!
  12. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    So just a thing or two... I'm surprised it has not been mentioned, maybe its just me, or maybe its also because we are mostly 1 hitting, but when your not 1 hitting attacking is super annoying, needing to press the attack button every time... I'd really really prefer if it was like FO's system of auto attacking after selecting. (Also apologies, I, don't,grammar, well) Also! When completing a quest I'm not really sure how much of a boost it will give me because I don't know how much xp is needed for my next lvl... Maybe you could make it so it displays GatheredXPForLevel/XPNeededForNextLevel Or so when you put your cursor over it then it would show it? Just some ideas. It looks super great though! Love it.
  13. Character Border

    Toilet paper collection? Sounds like a good idea... Say... would there be a place online where you can order custom printed toilet paper? https://www.printedtp.com/collections/all/products/your-custom-roll-of-toilet-paper (Proceeds to answer my own question) ... Anyways.. yeah, borders! woo! staying on topic!
  14. Character Border

    I think that it would be a good thing to modify if it is displayed on the forums. I don't think it would be very complicated either, would it?
  15. Human enemies

    I agree with that, but I really would hope there would be some sort of clear distinction between you and the enemies.