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  1. Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    Great job man! Keep it up
  2. Actually it looks like it does unfreeze, seems that as soon as the light cycle starts to change I freeze for the remainder of the cycle change or something
  3. I can get into the game after relaunching a couple times due to patch fail and a crash, but every time I enter the game freezes after about 10 seconds, and it stays frozen until i re-launch, quite frustrating, tried deleting all the files in the folder and reinstalling still the exact same problem, patch failed, restart, crash, restart, log in, get into world, freeze
  4. Come Play December 30th

    Wow it looks incredible! I look forward to playing!
  5. Waves of Time

    Its been awhile yes Welcome back to the community Bob. If I were you I would stick around a little more over the next year or so. Looks like things are beginning to come together a bit more which is exciting. I like to picture it as learning a new language, at first it is quite difficult, learning 1 word here and 1 there, but once you get enough going to have a conversation (Or the equivalent here, a more stable playable version) Then thats when everything starts to take off and go speedy. Until the fine tuning comes along again anyways, then that be slow.
  6. I started playing FO in about 2010 or so, played the crap outa that game, never spent any money on it but even still managed to grab an SSC item. On the comments on Kongregate people mentioned FOLagacy which then migrated to the LlamaQuest forums. So I've been around since I was a 12 year old kid until now at 19 hahaha.
  7. When it takes you from 6:30pm-10pm just to cook your supper... ....... .. BUT ITS PERFECT!

  8. Bought 20 different flavors of chips... Hmmmm :D

    1. Seph


      Now that is an orgy of flavors.

    2. Terrazer


      hmmm delicious poison

    3. jjthejj


      they consist of some like... Korean BBQ, Backyard BBQ, Hawaiian Beach, Maple Bacon, and Ghost Pepper, to name just a few 

  9. Devblog 88: Pets

    I do imagine there have been many a games that have started with just as much promise as this one, which is why I was excited but not ecstatic when I heard of this "LlamaQuest", HOWEVER! 99% of these great startups either go south while in development and start adding too many wacky ideas that it all just becomes a mess (Which this game has avoided and is keeping quite clean while still including many new great features) or, and I imagine this is very common, gets 10% complete and then the community and developers/artists all loose motivation and eventually the progress slows down into next-to-no existence (And this game has clearly shown over the past years that a steady and unwavering progress is all we should expect in the future, this game will be launched!!)
  10. Daily Rewards

    The classic present on FO was pretty effective at least in my case... Days I might not have gotten on I still popped on just to collect the present... Then maybe just chip at this quest... And then check the market.... Find some cheap items.... Test them out.... Find I'm strong enough to beat a boss I've been trying to beat... Unlock the next area.... Play more and more................................. I think its a good idea to have something enticing enough to get people on there computer for 1 minute, just long enough to collect it, because then everyone has time (common 1 minute and its a browser based game you just have to be at a computer once during the day haha) And then it can get someone who was going to just go play another game to have a good session of WoT instead, because maybe they enjoy it they just were not "feeling it" And once they get on they have a blast. It will help with the popularity of the game I'm sure. Having it have the low possibility of producing a couple pixels I think would be great too, or even a very very very small chance of producing a lot of pixels, thats always a blast.
  11. How is "hate" going to work?

    Wow thats a great idea, a taunting skill would be great, especially if it had to displace another skill to bring it into battle, would give it some weight and maybe open up new a few new paths/strategy to how people decide to do things.
  12. Devblog 88: Pets

    I'm really looking forward to the possibility of pets being distributed as a limited time item, Like Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving items that are achievable through either a limited time quest or sale of pixels. A healthy slow of limited time items make a game really intriguing for me. I really enjoyed how you could buy those items in FO and save them in your bank until they later were worth much more, and it was always fun looking for players to buy these things from for cheap and to sell them for more to someone else. It added a merchant playstyle in the game that I utilized a lot in FO as I didnt like grinding, but liked that you could essentially invest your coins into something. Note- I guess I'm really just excited for anything that is limited in its availability Haha Double Note- Amazing job iamallama!! Some really satisfying work done this month! I get so much more excited every update, this game is really going to blow FO out of the water, you are building something that could very well (And should) be one of the greatest browser games on the internet of this Universe. EVER.
  13. Donations to the game

    Either way he has purchased extra things using the fund, im 90% sure ive seen posts on it
  14. Donations to the game

    There are specific sections you can donate to I believe, depending on what you want it to be spent on. And iamallama has purchased new things since hes started this project, specifically for this game, I've literally read his posts saying he has. He has "producing softwares and computer" yes, but you'd be surprised how much extra is available out there if you wanna put some money into it...
  15. Donations to the game

    ^ (to randomly expand) Its to show appreciation/entice people to donate/(purchase pixels) before there is a game available to play, the funding goes to further development of WoT and surely does speed up the process as iamallama can purchase various things to simplify his job instead of manually having to do everything that someone out there has already done. So right now is a really prime time to donate man.