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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday thecartm!

  3. RISING FROM THE ASHES but will fall down shortly because I want to stay ridden of my computer addiction. Remember me?

  4. Not active cuz bandwidth is dead

  5. Isn't giving 110% just giving 100%?

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    2. XKillerBeeXLive


      It's basically saying how devoted you are to doing something. Obviously we all know we can't go above 100% but it's just a way of saying how hard you can try for something.

    3. minche


      joseph still didnt fix that joke detector :P

    4. Seph


      Forever broken.

  6. People throw their money at all of their problems; That is, except for debt.

  7. People say IE sucks, but that thing is a speeding bullet on Microsoft Tablets.

    1. Terrazer


      screw tablets, and IE sucks :D

  8. I have a personal preference of dogs to cats. Sure, dogs are more costly, but I love them. Cats, eh, they can "love", but they'd never bring you a stick.

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    2. Seph


      *hugs Tem and Terr* you're my family, I'll take care of you.

    3. Terrazer


      the hunter and the prey. if we would live in the wilderness, the cats would be the trophies of some other species, eh. thanks J =p

    4. joppelarius


      You could always get a squirrel :3

  9. thecartm

    Week 40: Quest System

  10. Yo mama so ugly she turned Medusa to stone

    1. XKillerBeeXLive


      To be honest I thought someone would eventually pull a joke like that xD

  11. thecartm

    Leveling & Rebirth

    I support a soft level cap in a Dark Souls style cap. Not that the game should be anything like Dark Souls (We need to keep the audience non-suicidal folks!), but it had a really good implement for a soft level cap. For example, a majority of damage came from weapons, not your strength (although there was a small boost in damage). In turn, since the weapons had strength requirements and there were finite weapons, any amount of strength above say 40 was less effective, since it wouldn't help equip better weapons but still increased damage a little. Plus, the extra leveling before hand would give a small edge to leveled players who could equip better weapons faster (after more is added later) without breaking the game. As for stats that don't use gear (health), the benefit had diminished return past 40, so that the HP gain between 20-25 was much more drastic than 60-65, meaning that more effort had to be put into health for the larger amounts. What I'm trying to say is, have a stat soft cap, not a level soft cap.
  12. The US government is so good at budgeting that it can spend money it doesn't even have!

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    2. Aridosa
    3. Terrazer


      Here in France, we raised to 2,000B of debts lmao

    4. Lumi


      Compared to the US 17 Trillion.

  13. One pill makes you larger, the other small. Those two let you see the Maxrix or nothing at all. These pills make you see stuff, but mum's don't do enough.

    1. Cloud73


      Do you take the red pill or the blue pill?

  14. You shouldn't learn more from failure than success; You just wait for a mistake to happen before you consider improving yourself. You should take success and reflect upon it.

  15. thecartm

    Wiki Subforum

    Support, 5/5 stars.