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Found 8 results


    Possibly Silly Question

    Apologies if this has been answered and I just haven't done enough digging, but is this the new Fantasy Online? Or does it just look like it?
  2. ZombiewolfNX

    Fantasy Souls

    Fantasy Souls (this will be a remake) was my own guild, made in Fantasy Online. A social guild but rarely known. The history of my guild was that a friend of mine who is dutch, asked me to make a guild for us. I had no idea what name i should take but i wanted fantasy in first place, my friend then wrote me what about Fantasy Souls. I just thought yeah thats a name I have no problem with. Then when FO was closed we never chatted alot but in WoT i don't want this guild be forgotten. So this will be my chance for a better comeback! I hope that WoT will be great. -Nicolas aka. NightShadow † (FO †)
  3. SugarSkull

    Sacred Band of Thebes

    An army comprised of 150 pairs of homosexual lovers. The army won every battle until it was finally defeated by Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander the Great. When Philip saw the lovers dead side by side, he wept and said, "Perish any man who suspects that these men either did or suffered any thing that was base." He then buried them with honor.
  4. (yes im gonna post this twice just because its so cool) I hope some of these made you smile But these make me think... we could probably restore a big chunk of FO with all this information edit: i dont know what an engine is
  5. dotss1

    FO Source Code

    Hey guys i just want to know what happened to fantasy online why did it get shutdown been trying to research why but same stuff like Gamer died, Gamer didnt have enough money to fund the server costs. so what is it? ik people might be sick of this question doesnt the staff of Waves of Time have the source code since most of them i remeber were dev's on FO, if so why not use it? Where is Gamer at what ever happened to that old fella? And last question not saying i want to buy it but what if someone would want to buy it where would they be able to buy the source?
  6. Moo25

    FO Similarities

    Hello. I am a new member to these forums, but am definitely not new to Fantasy Online. I was Moo25 there, if anyone recognizes me. Anyways, I was an avid fan of fantasy online, and would like to know what sort of similarities Waves of Time will have to Fantasy Online. I apologize if this has been asked before, but I miss Fantasy Online oh so much and desperately want to experience something similar to it again.
  7. GeekGamer

    Fantasy Online

    just thought id say this ermm when this game was first put into dev as the name fantasy online it changed but to be honest with you i think every one started following this because they found out about the fantasy online 2 forum, well this is how i found it anyway but i got really excited then found out the name was changed if you guys (game devs) really want to be noticed i think the name should be based of fantasy online or similar to it. if theres anyone feeling the same about our long lost fav game then comment or what ever lets see if we get noticed FANTASY ONLINE RIP
  8. AndrewKVK

    First Order

    Never forget the crabs.