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I have a ability set for a spell blade type build.

Active - Dance of Blades: Creates 2 clones that last for 6 seconds and have damage scaling off your total mp, and hp scaling off your total hp. After 6 seconds you strike your opponent an extra time for every clone still alive and then they disappear. With proficiency upgrades can be maxed out at 3 clones that last for 8 seconds. Cost: X amount of mp and 5% of your total hp.

Active - Snap Cast: Chain casts 2 magic abilities and with proficiency upgrades can be maxed out at 4. Cost: First magic ability costs normal amount of mp and each additional cast costs 10% more than the last.

Active - Slice and Dice: Strike target repeatedly 3 times and with proficiency upgrades can be maxed out at 5. Cost: TBA, total damage is increased by 1.5% for every 10% of mp missing.

Active - Runic Heal: Heals for x amount and your next attack restores your hp by 10% of the damage dealt. Cost: TBA

Active - Final Light - Makes a big explosion of light, right in your opponents face. Cost: Half of your total mp, can only be used when under 30% hp, deals 5% more damage at 20% hp, 10% more at 10%, and 15% when under 10% hp. Cannot heal in anyway after using this ability until out of fight. Status Effect: Target will be stunned for 3 seconds.

Passive - Critical thinking: Critically strike after using 3 magic skills.

Passive - Almighty: Deals 10% more damage when above 70% hp.

Passive - Knowledge is Power: Total hp is increased by x amount scaling off your total mp.

Passive - The Best Offense is Defense: Gain a shield for 10% of your total mp that lasts for 6 seconds after using 5 abilities.

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what about skills that unlocked at certain stats like: Overpower- increase all melee damage by 10%, Hawk Eyes- increase accuracy by 15%, Elemental Release, Applys a d.o.t. (damage over time) that does equal damage to your magic level or something like that. Maybe also have some for buffing armor stats called Colossus Armor.

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Earth- Stone Form

You turn to stone reducing all incoming damage for X amount of time.

Fire- Flame Thrower

You hold out your arms to release fire from your hands in the direction your arms are held. Lol I don't know if this would work but it sure sounded awesome in my head.

Air- Vanish

You vanish into thin air causing the enemy's hit to miss.

Water- Tsunami Strike

A massive wave rushes from behind you at the opponent causing massive water damage.

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