Devblog 66: 6 new updates. It never ends!

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So where is the development focus shifting to now? UI, dialogue, enemies, interiors, questing, and combat all seem more or less good to go from a programming perspective.


So, much of the stuff you see is not 100% done.


  • UI looks good so far, but there are still a few things we need mockups for. Stores, conversation/quest dialogs, trading...all need to be mocked up, designed and built. Also, most of the tabs in the slide in window have nothing in them. Plus what you see of the inventory was sort of a quick facade. That is what the inventory looks like and mostly how it will work, but for testing the layers I implemented some quick "/slotname 0" and "/slotname 1" chat commands to swap the layers around. Double clicking the inventory items just issues one of those chat commands silently. There is some work there to make it right. Plus the icons are sort of "hard coded" into the UI for the demo.
  • Dialog isn't really in there yet as there are no conversations with npcs.
  • Enemies has had some progress this last update with being able to walk better and attack back, but when attacked, they just stand there and have no limit on attack range. So they just keep attacking until you or they die.
  • Interiors are probably most done in that there isn't much to them. It is a quick fade out, teleport and then fade back in. Getting dialogs and stores working would complete them more.
  • Questing has much of the back end work done. Each action that triggers a quest step like killing a mob works. I need to make more of those triggers as I go along so there are more quest types. And the UI for the quest log hasn't been finished. I just send chat messages back to say "hey, you did a quest thing" and there is a command (I forget it, I think it is /quest) to get your current status for the 1 quest in the system.
  • Combat is looking good but is missing interchangeable weapons. Right now, and to just test the formulas are working, everyone attacks for the same amount. Regardless of your weapon. I'm just setting everyone to the same values.

Where development is going, well I would like to finish up some of this stuff. However just because it is a giant pachinko machine (most projects are), many things rely on other things that haven't been built yet or are not done. It is just a matter of doing a little here and there and then making rounds on it again and again that it all comes together.

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Ah, this helps put things in scope. Are interiors local instances like how dungeons were planned to be?


They aren't now. But eventually I think they will be. This would allow me to re-use the same store in multiple places (obviously in the case of common shops/stores). When you teleport to the interior of a shop from City A and later the same shop while in city B. They can both have the same interior but you won't see people teleported in from City A while in City B's shop.

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