A new guild for not very active players.

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I'm thinking about trying to make a new guild when the game is out for moderate (not very competitive, someone who can spend his/her free time in the game,but won't be around allways) players, that dont want to spend hours everyday in game just to remain in their guild.If you're a passive player or don't have very much free time, this is the place for you.Also, I don't plan to necessarily be the leader, anyone who isn't a drifter (somebody who switches guilds easily) can apply to be in charge as long as he's suitable for the job (not a twelvie, he can communicate with others on English pretty decently, will pass leader to others if he is ever going to quit and is atleast somewhat loyal).I'm still thinking about the guild name and I'm open to any suggestions.Also, if you're really dedicated to the cause of making a good guild for passive/moderate players, you can submit a guild banner (or logo, I don't fully know how all of this works yet).

P.s. All dank a$$ m e m eb o y s are welcome too, this isn't supposed to be a "kid friendly" guild.

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