Am I allowed to swear or use HDL or 4/8ch memes?

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Didn't bother checking the guidelines, eh? I quote them for you.


Rule of thumb for swearing: "If you hear it on daytime television, it can fly."

This means "damn", "crap" and various other swears we learn from the television at an early age are appropriate. "Ass" is starting to push it, and will be frowned upon. Anything worse will violate community standards.

In addition to swearing, messages that are offensive or disruptive to other players are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Removing letters, or using numbers or symbols in a word to disguise it
  • Using race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, handicap or gender as a means of insult
  • Using threatening, harassing, defamatory or hate related language
  • Using sexually explicit, vulgar or profane language or abbreviations of such
  • Providing links to websites that are pornographic, obscene or offensive without providing warnings beforehand
  • Impersonating another player via chat
  • Spamming or flooding the chat, shoutbox or forums with repetitive letters, words or messages
  • Repetitive use of all capitals
  • Flaming, trolling or provoking others to respond with "flames"

Just because a word has a separate non-swear meaning does not mean you're free to use it. Mods have the final word on how they are used in context.

Violation of these rules will result in a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban depending on the severity of the violation. Repeated violations regardless of the severity will result in a permanent ban.



No, swearing isn't allowed unless it's just something like a mild "damn".

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On 1/9/2017 at 3:23 PM, HighQuality223 said:

Is this forum kid friendly or do we have freedom of speech here?Am I allowed to swear and possibly use some D A N KM E M E S in the process?I really want to know.

I wouldnt recommend it, you will receive warning points.

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People often think that freedom of speech means that they can say whatever they want, whenever they want and where ever they want when in reality, it only protects you from the government making a law to censor what you can and can't say.

  • This doesn't mean that you can't be censored by anyone
  • This doesn't mean that anyone and everyone needs to give you a platform for your speech
  • This doesn't mean people have to listen

This site, and any other like it, are not the government. We can make whatever rules we want in regards to free speech. I don't mind a one-off curse word here and there as an expletive or to drive-home a point, but excessive use will not be allowed.

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