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While browsing the forums of WoT I stumbled upon some features that are partly meant only for PC users such as chatbox and I decided to write this suggestion.

Now I know that the game itself is meant for PC not any phone or other stuff. But wouldn't it be easier for everyone if there would be an app for Android and iOS which has all the features that are on the website?

I know it's not easy to make an app for website, but if someone would do so, it would make chatting for phone users easier that going on the website and finding the chatbox.

If someone does make the app, make sure to add a feature to send broadcasts of the events that happen in game at the time, or add some new features like group chats.

Please comment your thoughts about this.

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On mobile the website still shows the chatbox on the bottom of the front page like it does on desktop. You can also go into the hamburger menu on the top right corner and there is a chatbox link that takes you to the chatbox page.

As for the group chat, we do have guilds and they get their own private forum. I'll look to see if I can find some sort of way to add the chat to the guild pages for groups.

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