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(Read biomes topic before reading this one or you may be confused) Well as said in my other post that I was gonna make a topic primarily focusing on gems for weapons and also enchantments.  The central idea of the topic will work on the gear and weapon items; each will have their own description.  The first idea was having the gems work on biomes which was found out to be very inefficient and difficult to integrate.  Jjthejj commented to suggest adding gems that boost blunt damage, or piercing, and etc.  These boosts are more universal than before which allow it to work for all biomes.  I thought it was worth putting gem slots in items since they allow weapons to differ from others and will make weapons stronger.  Now the question is how to access gem slots? Are they free? What systems could be used to earn these slots?  This depends on how powerful gems can be, if they are small changes the difficulty to earn this will be a lot easier.

What items would include a gem slot?

I think it would be reasonable to add 3 slots on the weapon and 4 on the armor.  It may seem like too little or too much but this number could truly vary.  Some other items could include a gem slot such as rings which would only have 1 gem slot.  Or necklaces which could have 2 gem slots.

Defensive gems vs Offensive gems

The armor and weapon would have different types of gems, the armor will have defensive gem slots which only allows gems that are defensive.  Defensive gems are gems that reduce player damage and these gems only go on armor.  Offensive gems are gems that could only be planted on a weapon which are gems that contribute to overall player damage.

How to recieve these slots

How to get these gem slots you wonder?  There are many different ways this can be achieved, below will be some examples.  First concept is having item experience which is experience that is earned on the item when having it used in battle.  After the armor will level up and unlock a gem slot; the maximum level is equal to the max amount of slots.  If there are 4 gems slots the item will have 4 levels.  Another way is to have a NPC that charges X gold to have a gem implant.  This would be useful because this NPC would be able to remove unwanted gems.  Simply by paying to get gem slots is a faster method.



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