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just curios if any of u old members are still out there? I can only remember a few .. leaders caysen, and Canni, then I remember Steve151 (even tho he did rip a lot of people off lol)  I remember Avajedocnam or JavaCodeMan.... still do idea if that's a reference to something.... I never asked. ummmmm and ray something. anyways just curios if the ol gang is still around. oh and yay for waves of time! didn't know this was a thing till recently.... Does this have a patreon or something to fund? also any idea on projected time to be l??



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Hey, hope you find some of your klansmen lying about while you spend some time here.

There's a running paypal that's good for donating here:

And the only good projection we common folk have is "sometime next year." @Archangel made an awesome post  about this that I'm gonna start linking people to here (since our faq is broken): 


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Yup, its just a loose "projection date" of course. It's really hard to give an accurate estimate because when you program something, you simply do not know how long it will take to create the task you set out to do, until the task is done. Then you can "kind of" give a "completion" date for a task similar to it, since you already have knowledge of the task at hand from previous experience. Take that concept and apply it to the MMORPG game as a whole, and it gets even harder to "promise" a release date with 100% accuracy. So for now "sometime next year" is as best as it can get, based on progress seen thus far, so that you don't underestimate the time and promise users a time you cannot keep (a bad business practice). 

I just try to give info based on what the birds have told me. Of course it's possible for the beta release to be pushed back further by unexpected delays, coding issues, real life issues, and so forth. Llama does this part time (has a full time job and has to take care of his family). Regardless, progress is there. Though if you're not a programmer it can be hard to see at times. All we want is "results". It takes a lot of back-end work to get there (networking, making sure things don't break... testing... more testing... even more testing....). 

It might get old to say "just be patient", but unfortunately with a project of this size that's just what you have to do. 

I've thought about making a "Common Q&A" forum thread but we do have a FAQ section, it's just broken at the moment. 

As for OP's original statement, we do have quite a few people here who've stuck around for the years since the project started. It's possible you'll find long-lost friends. I recommend searching for usernames or browsing around for specific people you want to look for.

By the way, I'd have probably relocated this thread to the General Discussion subsection (or Questions and Answers). 

For future reference (though not really that relevant at the moment), Q&A type questions should be re-directed here (if WoT related): 

Questions and Answers

or you can use

General Discussion

To discuss things that are outside the bounds of WoT, but are questions/answers you want asked/answered. 

That way in the future-future, when the forums get used more, things are separated logically. 

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