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Heya @gallowsCalibrator. Welcome to our happy little community. For future reference, make sure to check the sub-thread "Q&A" to see if there is a topic like yours already posted.

I've made some posts in similar threads to yours regarding the exact nature of the content you asked here, which my previous response is linked below:

For a TL;DR: 

There are two ways of estimating the games completion as of now:

1) The loose estimation is, of course, "sometime next year". This is not precise for a reason (see my statement in the linked quote). 

2) A more proper, though on no "guaranteed" perspective (see reasoning in #1 as to why we reduce it to "sometime next year"), is to follow the roadmap listed in recent Dev Blogs. As things get checked off the list, you can have a textual representation of the game getting closer and closer to a beta stage/complete stage. The list gets updated every month, so you have a better understanding on where the game is at in terms of completion.

I understand that not having a "proper" date is not to many people's liking and that asking to "be patient" doesn't come easy, but things are getting done!

You can browse through the development News and Patch Notes to get a better understanding of what's been going on these past few months, which may help clear up where the project currently is at.

The technical reason is that it's simply too hard to judge when things will get done at this time during development. In coding, you can judge how long you think it will take to complete a project, but it may not be reality when the time is near. Often its better to overestimate the time it will take to get something done, rather than underestimate and have a bunch of unhappy people waiting for you to get something done (which may often be rushed). 

So even though the game seems to be getting closer to being done (for beta), the reality is there may be bugs/unexpected complications/etc. that push back development a little more than anticipated.

For now what I've been telling people is to check back each month, that way you can stay up to date. It might be awhile but it also might not, we'll just have to see.

Hope this helps a little? :)

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@ICyICE The supporter weekends are there to give people a little taste on the current features of the game. It's also to provide feedback and fix bugs to the developer. These happen every so often and should be more frequent the closer the game gets to a beta stage. The servers are online but no one can log into them, as they are being used for development again. So check back in every now and then for another supporter weekend! 

In order for a full release (the game coming out) to happen, the game has to have the framework completed, with enough content to last awhile, keeping players busy. Currently neither has been completed.

The game is getting closer to being completed. Estimated beta release should happen sometime in 2018 (probably late 2018), but this is by no means a guaranteed. If anything, 2019 will be the latest anyone would expect a beta release to happen. 

The best way to stay up to date is to check on the News and Patch Notes section every month. There you will be able to see every development blog and update, with a roadmap of remaining features to develop. 

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1 hour ago, FraZM said:

Hello I'm totally new to this game and forum, is the game available to be played ? Thanks :)

sorry but not in a WHILE, i've waited 4 years and its barely done so I say check online like once a month for updates.

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