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3 hours ago, Flume said:

Trash game,with developers mainly aiming for money nothing more.

A grindfest,quests are way too simple without any storyline.

Don´t even consider playing this pile of garbage.

Thanks for the notice, looks pretty garbage; I downvote.  Its horrible to advertise on other websites.


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On 6/15/2018 at 7:11 PM, AntariaOnline said:

old friends


Nope. Even if you are Gamer, which you haven't proven, revealing yourself only to advertise another project to a community you've been ghosting for years doesn't warrant a warm welcome. Already throwing in premium currency gates and rolling out costume boxes for a game that's barely playable? Yikes. Mods aren't going to be able to carry your game this time, they're over here now.

I mean hell, you didn't even care enough about this throwaway account to put in a profile pic. FO really was just lightning in a bottle for you, wasn't it?

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