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Anyone think this could be implemented later into the game?You could do a couple of side quests (something story related) and the game would award you a npc companion, that would help you in further adventures.Depending on which side quest story line you chose you could alternate between healers, buffers, warriors and so on.The companion could wear his own set of armor and weapons, as well as have his own backpack to carry things.You could order him around and stuff, it would be pretty useful addition to the game.If you for example want to gather a party, but youre missing a healer or a tank, you could call your companion.He would also be able to go and quest on his own, to gather misc items or armour pieces or weapons and such, as well as to serve your guild in large battles.They wouldnt be as strong as a real player, but still would be quite significant.Their strength would depend on their level, equipment and other factors that affect any real player.You would also have to gather some stuff and maybe pay a small fee for using their services.

I dont know, this just came up to my mind and i would like to hear feedback whether or not this is possible.

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